Case Study

Inorganic Downhole Scale Remediation & Wellbore Stimulation

The Problem

A client producing in the Eagle Ford Shale contacted us to remediate inorganic scale deposition from a well which is produced by gas lift. The primary scale species identified was CaC03, within the deposit was moderate amounts of FeS as well. The well has experienced production declines over the lifetime of the well and had to be frequently shut in to allow for pressure build up, thus allowing the well to unload. When the well-produced, it did make a significant amount of gas and oil, but the cycle of shut-in and production severely impacted total production. Between 6/1/2020 and 11/19/2020, this well averaged 182.8 MCFD eand 47.9 BOPD.

The Solution

An acid stimulation was performed on 11/2020. RSI pumped 1000 gallons of 15% HCl. The stimulation also contained a nominal amount of surfactant, mutual solvent, acid corrosion inhibitor, and scale inhibitor. No diversion was used in the stimulation. The well went on a vacuum and the acid was displaced into the formation. The total chemical usage is shown in the following table.


Production was resumed on 11/20/2020.  From 11/2020 to 1/2021, production averaged 359.6 MCFD and 92.6 BOPD. The production data is shown in the following graph.

Product Information

SDS and PDS sheets con be supplied upon request.


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