Comprehensive Data Management


Unified Services Platform (USP) provides a simplified, access-controlled field, sales and operation data entry interface. USP optimizes data entry touchpoints with a streamlined, role-based UI and has a fundamental goal of 100% billing, inventory and compliance accuracy. Data can be reported and formatted as specified by client stakeholders.


USP organizes pending deliveries into a local queue which handles scheduling, coordinated notifications and load management between multiple delivery vehicles. This increases efficiency of daily route planning by offering a standard, collated view of all outstanding chemical orders from which a driver or dispatcher may build a vehicle load out.


On initial client setup in the system and on an on-going basis, RSI account managers, field administrators and corporate accounting personnel work in conjunction with client representatives to ensure billing details and field expectations are met. Well or location information, pricing and other metadata that the client requires to be supplied is maintained by the system. Delivery personnel have simplified drop-downs showing only the appropriate, client-specific options.


Electronic and traditional billing methods are streamlined with unique, flexible profiles setup on a per-client basis. Experienced integration with all mainstream 3rd party billing platforms ensures accurate and timely invoice provisions.


USP provides service event capture for inventory management and other on-site service work. Historical data is integrated into the user interface and provides years of information rich history about a well or other serviceable location. This greatly empowers our field personnel in troubleshooting and treatment optimization. Information captured is available to technical engineers or directly to client portal. 


USP facilitates program monitoring through check-in and analysis reporting of on-site sampling. Processed sample reports are automatically attached for access within the system and emailed to stakeholders in the account.


USP provides ability to generate reports on all of the above activities. Local RSI representative work in concert with clients to determine the appropriate reporting for specific chemical program and work to build a custom-tailored solution.

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